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What is DVR

What is DVR

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. View and Record 24 hour surveillance of your home or business from anywhere in the world.

DVR is a tool to record movies on a computer equipped with a video DVR card.
It can record and compress data in real time, using recent codecs like MJPEG or MPEG4. DVR has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) in order to choose parameters of recording.

A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) which will work best for your needs depends on 2 factors

1) The # of cameras that you will need.
2) The Frames Per Second (FPS) that you will need.

The Number Of Cameras That You Will Need

It is important to purchase a DVR system that will support the number of cameras that you will need now and in the near future.

The Frames Per Second (FPS)

As a benchmark, a television show is broadcasted at 30 FPS which provides crisp clean motion.
In security systems a full 30 FPS is only necessary when you need to monitor close activity like a cash register where cash will be counted or in casinos where fast action is taking place. For example, a 4 camera system
with 30 fps would give you about 7 fps per camera which is more then adequate for most security needs.
With all of our units, you will be able to set the frame rate per camera.

DVR Systems

16 CHANNEL DVR CAMERA SYSTEM (perfect for large home use or demanding business use.)
8 CHANNEL DVR CAMERA SYSTEM (perfect for home or business use.)
4 CHANNEL DVR CAMERA SYSTEM (perfect for home or light business use)

DVR Cards vs. Complete DVR unit

DVR cards are great if you have a spare computer that meets our System Specs and if you are capable of installing the unit and software on your own. It can save you money but will require time on your part to install and troubleshoot if needed.

The DVR complete factory built unit is simply a matter of plugging in the cameras and turning the unit on. If you are short on time and computer technical skills then the complete system is right for you.

Remote Viewing

You can view your cameras remotely either by connecting directly to the system using a modem, or through the internet, or through your company’s network.



•Real time display & High-image quality.
•No-camera display function on the Monitor while recording.
•Multi screen division display. (full screen mode, 4, 8,16 division)
•Text on screen describing Ch., Recording status, Camera name, network status.
•Auto Switching function - 1ch, 4ch, 8ch switching.
•Display network connecting statue signal.
•Adjustable display speed for high rate of recording speed.
•Camera power, BLC, 8 different direction movement, Zoom In/Out, Focus,Preset, Group.


•Voice recording
•Dual codec MJPEG, MPEG selectable.
•Recording by 16 different sensors detection and 16 alarms control output.
•Motion detection function - Multi Zones & Multi channels Auto Switching function - 1ch, 4ch, 8ch switching.
•Pre-alarm/Post-alarm Recording.
•Adjustable number of recording frame by each camera.
•Recording scheduled by date and time.
•HDD can be set recycle mode.
•Build own DB structure by recording time.


•Search multi channels - 1, 4, 8, 16Ch. Simultaneously.
•Zoom function while searching.
•Image compensation for clear image quality.
•Support Back up data of FDD, CD-RW, ZIP Drive, DAT.
•Adjustable playback speed for fast search and intensive search.


•Real-time monitoring and multi-channel searching via Nework.
•Controlling network user to access.
•Recording data from client system.
•Pan/Tilt control from remote site.


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