Friday, February 23, 2018
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Service Charge

Remote Support Options
* Free phone consultation
* Pay Per Incident (non contract) $65.00 Billed in 60 min increments
* (Contract) $55.00 per hr. (10 hr block of time required)
* Unlimited yearly helpdesk support. From 10 to 500 users ( Call for Details )

* We have plans to fit any firm size or particular need

Onsite Support
* Standard onsite (non contract) support $75  per hour
* Standard onsite (contract) support $65.00 per hour (10 hr block of time required)
* Onsite Quarterly Contract  Unlimited support (call for details)
* Onsite Yearly Contract Unlimited Support (call for details)

* Customized plans available to fit any budget for any size firm Call 917-834-1875


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